Sunday, June 5, 2011


 make a friendship a priority in life

sayangs ku sekalian , tq sbb terima ak sbgi kwn korg :) hey , bila lg nak hang out together mcm aritu ? bila lg nak tgk movie together ? bila lg nak kutuk mengutuk together ? marni , bila lg ? aina , bila lg ?

03062011 , kte keluar g ioi . jalan sme2 . ngumpat sme2 , tgk movie potc sme2 , makan sme2 , solat sme2 . i miss that moment . ak tak tau nak ckp ap , yg ak tau , ak syggggggggggggg korg sgtsgt .

ohh god , please dont take them from me .
ak tau , ak tak reti nak buat ayat sedap2 -,- sbb tu blog ni mcm uzur je .

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