Monday, October 24, 2011


meet my suppa duppa handsome cousin , boy . form 5 , taking his spm this year . tp asyik berfacebook jerr . dh takde keje lain dah . buku tah letak kat mane . untunglaa pandai , so takyah baca buku kan ? haha . hobi dia : tukar2 DP , meng-like . meng-like paling famous laa . korg update je status , sure dia like . kan abg boy ? haha . pantang ak update status , wall-to-wall , ade je dia like . kalau ada award sape paling banyak meng-like , mesti abg boy menang kan ? haha , habis notification aku penuh dgn muka dia -.-' tp bgus jgk ad org mcm dia , meng-like status org je . kalau tak , spe la nak likelike kan ? haha , good job cousin .

so , good luck in your spm , cousin . wish you all the best .

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