Saturday, February 4, 2012

ombak rindu

assalam people

God please soften his heart to accept me for who i am. Coz im not able, coz i cant bare, live without him by my side. God i knew i commited alot sins on u, only remember u upon sorrowness. yet only u that able to open her door of heart to love me. Night bring my longing to him whos far away from me. so that he wont lonely, always feel existence of majestic love. Rain bring my tears that flows washing my bleed. So that she know im suffering without her love in my heart.

am i addicted to you ? kbyee

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the mastermind

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If you really love her, you won’t touch her. Not even the slightest bit. You’ll protect her dignity and sacredness as a muslimah. Just hold her in your heart for a few more years .. then you can do it the halal way