Wednesday, January 2, 2013

movie , hari jadi dan air mata


in the name of allah the most gracious, the most merciful

hello fellas

yesterday , i just watched this movie . not bad .its about a girl named Daphne Reynolds who wish to dance with his father in father-daughter dance . every year on her birthday , she always pray so that her father would come to find her . after 17 years lived with her mother , she decided to find her father by herself . so she went to london and finally she found her father , Harry Dashwood .

next , oh sorry , malas nak cte . aku skip k .

after all and all , she come back home in New York . as usual , she's still working as a waitress inwedding ceremony . unexpected , while she was working , her father came to her . and they bla bla blaa . then , they dance eventhough she in waitress suit , at least her dream come true *time ni tibatiba air mata aku jatuh* finally she gets what she wants .

so do i .

what i want is , on my 17th birthday . i just want a suprise . a prank or whatever . nak merasa jugak kena balik tepung , kena telur . it must be fun , right ? and off course , i want those moment were captured . so that i can post the pictures in my blog . hmm -.-"


what i want , i dont get it . i still remember nad's birthday . her birthday was on 27th july . as usual , night prep at class . after a few moments , the light turns off and suddenly i saw hazriq brought a cake to pretty nad . then the whole entire class included me sang happy birthday to her . what a big suprise you have got nad , 4m3 2011 loves you very much . i couldnt bear this anymore . so i ran off to the toilet next to 4e1 . i cried , cried and cried .

my junior saw me and she try to calm me but i cant calm myself . sometimes , i felt that "guy" purposely do that to see me get jealous because i dont get what i want . thanks to you man for make me crying for the whole night .

ohh another story .it was asna's birthday .

her bestfriend , shera , sanggup fly dan habiskan RM50++ semata mata nak beli cake untuk asna . may Allah bless you shera . in that night , my duty was to keep shera's planned and what i've done to shera is i've supplied lighter and the flour .the boys were very shocked because i have lighter . hello , im not a smoker k and i hate smoking .

lepas shera selamat sampai sekolah , she called me to light up the candles and make sure the suprise was completely perfect . then , we ate all the cakes and the war was begin . flour war . guess what , i still couldnt believed that im the supplier . ngehehe naughty me . the boys wondered , mana aku dapat sepaket tepung ni ? it easy boys , from my abang laa , hazman . dia kan outsider time tu , kirim jelaa . senang , abis cte . conclusion , the flour war was soooooooooooo awesome . dan kita telah bazirkan masa kita yang sepatutnya kita belajar untuk spm but we played with the flour for the whole night prep . awesome birthday , asna .

semua 5M2 . kecuali yoi . sesat kot 

asna | kid | sterr | nad

frankly , i just about want to cry . but i bear it . i want be a strong girl . no more cries . i always asked myself .  why you do all this ? you always gave people birthday card , make a suprise for them , but you never get back what you do to them . never get . why huh ?

sbb setiap insan kat dunia hanya sambut birthday sekali je setahun . off course every person want the best for his/her birthday . right ? i wish i could turn back time . so that i can have a perfect and wonderful 17th birthday . why i choose 17 ? sbb itulah tahun terakhir aku bergelar sebagai seorang pelajar sekolah . lepasni dah takde dah semua ni . ohh mungkin ada lg satu sekolah aku pergi lepas ni , sekolah memandu -.-"

im so lucky if someone can understand me . but no one can understand me . NO ONE .

" stay strong " - muhammad naim -

love , sara

p/s : thank you for my 17th birthday .  happy new year 

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