Thursday, March 21, 2013

the beginning

in the name of allah the most gracious, the most merciful

okay . its about spm result .

my name was not on the 10 A's list . well , im not genius as they are , im just , what people said , 'biasabiasa je ' . and also not genius as my dear boy :) he's better than me . 


bukan penentu segala segalanya . cemerlang atau tidak , itu atas usaha kita sendiri , kan ? i've done my best , and i've got what i've done . what you give , you get back .

tipu laa aku tak sedih . but as he told me ,
 "sayang , spm hanya titik permulaan perjalanan baru dalam hidup kita ni . nak berjaya tak semestinya kena kerja doktor , engineer . we've to strong . InsyaAllah kejayaan tu akan ada untuk kita kalau kita tak mengalah . be strong sayang . even its not for me , you've to put mama and abah on the toplist . they love you sayang " 

see , he give me courage , hehe thank you dear . so , the journey still long and we have to through it . 

juniors <3

I've tried my best , but it doesn't worth it . Nevermind , Allah knows what's better .

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  1. Salam dear :) Ape ape pun your result tahniah saya ucapkan :'D now focus tuk course ape yg kau nak sambung :D All the best my dearr <3


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